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03 December 2015
The contract catering sector is still a fiercely competitive marketplace. The creation of a USP for food service operators is challenging because, what was once considered to be original, is now the norm. …
16 June 2015
An organisation approached me for a signature on a petition, protesting about the new European Food Information to Consumers Regulation No 1169/2011, here I explain why I did not sign it.…
25 February 2013
Having recently read an article in the Caterer and Hotelkeeper about how purchasing is all about knowledge and information I am concerned that in the drive to reduce cost we lose sight of the quality of the products or service.…
08 February 2013
Will it never end? We think the scandal of horse meat being sold as beef has run its course and then another equine skeleton comes out of the cupboard, which suggests this practice was more common than you would believe. How can it have happened? …
14 January 2013
Delivering excellent service on a consistent basis is what many organisations aspire to, however it is so often difficult to achieve. This article looks at the hotel industry from a customer's perspective.…
5 articles in Ramsay Todd Thoughts
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