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Procurement management for the catering industry and soft services sector in the UK

Strategic reviews and stakeholder analysis for catering and soft services industries

Our food service consultancy will plan, design and project manage all aspects of your catering operation.

Food Service and Catering Consultants

Thank you for visiting Ramsay Todd, the food service consultants.

We deliver the very best in consultancy for catering, food services, cleaning and reception services. Our expertise is used to support many varied organisations; Schools, Colleges, Local Authorities/Councils, NHS and Private Hospitals, Central Government, Banks, Law Firms to name just a few!

Whether your catering or soft facilities services are in-house or contracted out we have the experience to assist your organisation with service development. From creating strategies through to implementing service improvements using efficient and sustainable project management.

How our catering consultancy can help you

As catering consultants and soft service management consultants, we believe that catering, cleaning and reception services say a lot about an organisation’s professionalism and customer service. If the services are good then staff and visitors gain a favourable impression. Get it wrong and the reverse is true.

With financial constraints leading to a shortage of resources it is sometimes necessary to enlist external help to achieve organisational objectives. At Ramsay Todd we can help you identify soft service improvements, whether it be strategically, financially or operationally driven and produce workable solutions that will make a difference.

Contact our catering consultants for a free appointment to assess your catering and facilities management requirements. There is no obligation to proceed if you’re not entirely happy with our proposal.

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