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Procurement Process Management

Procurement Process Management & Procurement Process Management Consultants - When it comes to procurement process management our consultants at Ramsay Todd are the perfect partners for your business

Procurement Process Management

Procurement can be a real challenge for many businesses as it involves many different areas of work ranging from benchmarking to negotiating and resolving issues between key suppliers and customers.

At Ramsay Todd, we provide the highest level of procurement process management to ensure your business achieves the success it deserves.

Procurement Overview

The procurement management process is the first stage of outsourcing a service and is a vital component for achieving a successful and productive supplier relationship. It sets the tone of how the contract will be run and underpins the context of the service provision.


Procurement process management is one of the forms of management in which, at Ramsay Todd, we excel. Procurement process management requires a lot of experience and expertise, and it’s important to partner with the right procurement management consultant.

Procurement is defined as goods and services being acquired from a different organisation or firm. All organisations deal with this form of management at some point in the life of their business and getting it wrong, even once, can be costly.
Contractual issues, negotiating the wrong price or terms or working with a supplier who doesn’t live up to expectations are examples that can cause issues over several months or year. We help you get it right the first time.

Here are some examples of how we have helped our clients with procurement process management.

  • Market Testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Competitor evaluations
  • Tendering
  • Full FTS and non-FTS[WS1]  support
  • Mini-competition exercises
  • Specialist within a Buying Team
  • Contract Management
  • Supplier arbitration
  • Training courses for managing contracted services
  • Compliance audits

Procurement management consultants - Ramsay Todd

Service Specification

When it comes to procurement process management and procurement process management consultants, service specification is key. Working with a consultant that has experience understanding how to set the right service specification will help you to achieve greater success, faster.We believe the most important critical success factor of a procurement process is to create a comprehensive specification of what the service needs to deliver. We support clients with this by evaluating current service levels and speaking to stakeholders to understand what they think the service should provide. We then check this with the budget holder and, working closely with our clients, create a very clear picture of what the Tenderers need to bid for.
Because we have worked in the catering industry for over 20 years to a senior level, we know how to deliver soft services. We understand what Tenderers need from clients to produce a realistic and quantifiable tender response, which provides the backbone of the contract once awarded.


We work with procurement departments as a specialist to provide the specification, and this has proved particularly valuable for our Government and Local Authority clients. We can work within internal guidelines, whilst ensuring the service can actually be delivered. All our work strives for sustainable procurement practices.

Procurement Process Management

Managing the various elements requires experience and expertise which is why it’s recommended to hire procurement process management consultants such as Ramsay Todd. Whether you need help with key stages of a procurement process or someone to manage procurement from start to finish, we can support you with your procurement management. We have previously successfully managed OJEU and Mini-Competition exercises for public sector clients.

For our private sector clients, we find the right suppliers to invite to tender and support with creating shortlists.

Our extensive knowledge of the catering sector can be seen in the En Passant “Vision” report when we were only one of five procurement consultants invited to contribute. Evaluating Tender Responses is an area we are fully competent to manage. From recommending the evaluation criteria to carrying out the scoring, you can be sure this will be conducted fairly and professionally. As the only catering consultant to hold the CIPS Corporate Ethics Mark, you can be assured of our credentials, which supports the sustainability requirements of many of our client's organisational objectives.

In a nutshell, we can deliver:

  • The establishment of services
  • Carry out Initial Sift and ITT stages
  • Manage all tender communications
  • Keep your procurement processes on track
  • Provide specialist procurement advice

Please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements

Procurement Process Management Summary

Procurement process managers
Properly done, procurement process management that includes selecting the right suppliers for a long-term relationship is essential but having the skills to do it right is a challenge.
Businesses can’t be experts in every area of running a business, whether that’s managing finances according to the latest regulations, understanding the latest marketing trends or knowing how to maximise the success in procurement process management.
To achieve the best success in procurement process management, contact Ramsay Todd today to see how we can help.
We have over 20 years’ experience in the catering industry, which supports our work as process management consultants.

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