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Strategic Reviews and Stakeholder Analysis

Strategic Reviews

  • Are you unhappy with the way your current service is being provided?
  • Are you satisfied with the delivery, but getting pressure from internal stakeholders to make changes?
  • Is your service provider’s contract coming to an end, but you don’t want to re-tender the services?

These are just some of the reasons why we are asked to carry out a strategic review for our customers. In many circumstances businesses go with the easy option, but better solutions may exist which could improve business results.

Whether a service is provided in-house or contracted out, it’s beneficial to carry out a review periodically as requirements change over time. It may not be that your Service Provider is doing a bad job, but they’re working to the wrong brief. We have the objectivity and experience to make this judgement, whilst providing real insight into what the service needs to deliver. Our conclusions and recommendations will help you to define your strategy, creating a foundation for future service developments.

The areas typically included within our strategic reviews are stakeholder analysis, reviews of existing services and analysis of results:

Strategic Reviews Consultants - Ramsay Todd Consultants

Here is an example of how we have helped our clients using strategic reviews.

Stakeholder Analysis

  • Customer feedback
  • Stakeholder interviews and meetings

Using various channels including group forums and surveys, we have worked with clients to gather critical customer feedback, which includes changes to customer habits and what’s trending. This helps to identify opportunities. The feedback is then used to make better strategic decisions that are stakeholder-focused while being more profitable.

Review of Existing Services

  • Service Levels
  • Financial performance
  • Contract management

Analysing how existing services are performing is vital to understanding what changes are needed within your organisation. Service levels that are inadequate and/or unprofitable are quickly identified with appropriate recommendations to provide a remedy. We also work with clients to identify simple and easy ways to implement service level initiatives that can lead to significant improvements in financial performance.

We work with companies to ensure that contracts are managed and agreed upon, which provide the best results for the business whilst ensuring service levels continue to meet the expectations of customers.
Poor service levels and processes can lead to higher costs and reduced sales. Reviewing services and creating a strategy for improvement is the key to success and we can work with you to ensure that your services are optimised for success.

Analysis of Results

  • Gap analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • SWOT or TOWS
  • Recommendations
  • Risks and Benefits
Gap analysis is at the heart of identifying how customers experience of the service compares to their expectations. When we work with businesses to perform a gap analysis, we help them identify the most important improvement areas to get the best results going forward.

Managing this through Ramsay Todd helps to achieve a different perspective of the situation compared to managing a gap analysis internally, which often lacks objectivity and may have a bias for the current situation.
By combining Trend analysis with a full SWOT analysis for the business, Ramsay Todd can identify how businesses could adapt and take advantage of current and future trends.  Our recommendations for improvements will help to take the business forward.


Suggested actions are then reviewed comprehensively to ensure the business is aware of any risks and issues, which can be weighed up against the benefits of each action and the strategy.


Time for a strategic review?

If you are serious about developing a strategy for your business, which delivers strong growth in the future, then contact our Strategic Review Consultants at Ramsay Todd and we will be happy to discuss your strategy and analytical requirements.

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