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Food Service and Catering Consultants

We deliver the very best in consultancy for catering, and food services. Our expertise has been successfully used to support many varied organisations; Schools, Colleges, Local Authorities/Councils, NHS and Private Hospitals, Central Government, Banks, Law Firms to name just a few!

Whether your catering services are in-house or contracted out we have the experience to assist your organisation with service development. From creating strategies through to implementing service improvements using efficient and sustainable project management.

How our catering consultancy can help you

As catering consultants, we believe that catering services can say a lot about an organisation’s professionalism and customer service. If the services are good, then staff and visitors gain a favourable impression. Get it wrong and the reverse is true.

With financial constraints leading to a shortage of resources it is sometimes necessary to enlist external help to achieve organisational objectives. At Ramsay Todd we can help you identify catering service improvements, whether it be strategically, financially or operationally driven and produce workable solutions that will make a difference.

Contact our catering consultants for a free appointment to assess your catering management requirements. There is no obligation to proceed if you’re not entirely happy with our proposal.

What are food service consultants?

Food service consultants are professional advisors who work on behalf of their client, delivering a specific scope of work for an agreed fee. The areas covered by food service consultants include informed assessment of existing catering services, strategies for new or potential services and project management of changes within a hospitality environment.

Our food service consultants have gained a great deal of expertise and knowledge of many areas within the food service industry, over a significant number of years in the hospitality industry. Our primary focus is the welfare of our clients' interests and to improve customer satisfaction.

Food service consultancy

Areas we cover within food service consulting are:

  • Project Management – Running simple or complex projects to deliver change programmes within a hospitality environment
  • Contract Catering Management – Creating contract management support functions to produce beneficial outcomes for outsourcing soft services

Ramsay Todd take a pro-active approach to finding the best solution to all your food service needs no matter how big or small. With a wealth of food industry experience, not just in catering but the environment too, we provide effective solutions to all aspects of your catering operation.

Food service consultant specialities

There are many areas that can benefit from our expertise and sound advice. The most common foodservice consultancy areas we specialise in are

  • Concept Development
  • Contract Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Executive Coaching
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Human Resources
  • Imagineering
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Quality Management
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Strategic Financial Analysis

    Food service and catering consultants at Ramsay Todd

    Reasons to hire food service consultants

    When considering a foodservice project, there are many reasons to hire a food service consultant that could save you time and money now and in the long term. Here are a few situations where our expertise and unbiased advice will help your organisation - whether you are the owner/s or the managers.

    • A decision has been made to develop or re-engineer a foodservice operation/concept
    • A decision has been made to develop, design and/or construct new foodservice facilities
    • Management has identified a need to evaluate the existing foodservice facilities as part of a long-range capital budgeting process
    • It has been highlighted that operational performance of the current food service facilities could be improved but you are not sure what to do to make those improvements
    • Management does not have the specific knowledge and skills necessary to solve an identified problem within the food service area of the organisation
    • Management does have the necessary knowledge and skills necessary to solve an identified problem within the food service area of the organisation but lacks the time necessary to solve it
    • Management has made a decision to renovate existing foodservice facilities
    • Management requires an independent, third-party opinion, either to confirm a decision or to provide alternatives
    • Management’s efforts have not produced the desired long-term results

    We use our knowledge to define the service you require, whether it be in-house or contracted out, developing bespoke solutions.

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