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Executive Coaching

Great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather by the presence of clear strengths.

John Zenger

Effective leaders and managers require coaching and development to improve their skills and stay on top of their game and with the help of Ramsay Todd's executive coaches, they can.

The benefits of executive coaching

If you have worked with an executive or leadership coach before, then you will know how it can positively impact your self-awareness and improve your own performance and that of your team.

Being an executive can be extremely challenging and lonely.  Working with an executive coach, leaders will be supported with developing the ability to reflect on their own performance, helping their teams and organisations in a positive, effective way. Our experienced and qualified executive coach will provide time and space for the executive, to gain powerful personal insights without judgement or comment. The sessions are carried out to the standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF), in a safe, confidential environment, with the outcome of the session being determined by the client. 

Whether it’s world-class athletes, actors or CEOs, an executive coach is required for anyone who wants to achieve success at the highest level.

Here's are some of the benefits of executive coaching:

  • Greater clarity and focus on personal goals, and how to achieve them
  • Providing a safe space for personal issues or challenges faced by leaders to be aired 
  • Improved leadership skills as you gain an understanding of your personal impact on others
  • Creating a positive environment for team members, which improves business results

Ready for executive coaching?

If any of the benefits of professional coaching resonate with you and you or your leadership team are ready to take the next steps, please get in touch with our executive coaches at Ramsay Todd.

We offer a range of executive coaching services, tailored to your needs. For example, we provide executive life coaching to help leaders develop a growth mindset. 

We also recognise the importance of women in leadership and provide women in leadership coaching, tailored to individual requirements. Please get in touch to find out more about the various professional coaching services we offer.

A performance consultant is concerned with how things are delivered and focuses on business performance and results with consultants generally providing advice on how to achieve something. In contrast, executive coaching practice is focused on helping individuals to develop the answers themselves 

To find out more about the difference between a leadership coach and a performance consultant, get in touch with our executive coaches.

Life coaching involves supporting someone with what they want to achieve in their personal and work lives and this is the same for executive coaching.  The needs and aspirations of leaders and executives are looked at holistically to support work/life balance issues.

You can read more on the difference between executive coaching and life coaching.

How to start your executive leadership coaching

If you are in an executive role and would like to develop your leadership skills, call us on 01992 467598 and speak to our executive coaching consultants. We cover the south of England and operate predominantly in London, Hertfordshire and Essex for face-to-face meetings. Online coaching can however be delivered to all parts of the UK.

Women in leadership

Help women to achieve success with women in leadership coaching support

Leadership coaching

Achieve greater success and business results through professional leadership coaching for executive development
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