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Your career navigation is important

Career Navigation Coaching

Improve career success with our career navigation support

At Ramsay Todd, we understand how staff can lack motivation or focus if they don’t have clarity on what they want to achieve.

We work with businesses to ensure employees have a career path they can, and want to, navigate. Each individual will work with a professional coach to understand what they want to achieve and how they can achieve it.

A better route to career fulfilment

With career navigation support from Ramsay Todd, employees who are suffering from job frustration can get their careers back on track.

Professional coaching and executive development can also make a real difference for any long-term employees and team members who are facing mid-career frustration and need a helping hand to get them back on track.

Career fulfilment is achieved when individuals create a career plan, which is then realised.  By understanding where they want to go and breaking down into stages, they are more likely to fulfil their ambitions

The benefits of career navigation for the business

Staff retention and productivity are higher when employees feel they are progressing in their career.

Our focus on executive development also helps managers and aspiring managers to understand what skills they need to develop to become better leaders and how to improve their decision making.

The results are more tangible than you think

Career navigation and executive development are often missed by organisations as they focus on more immediate and urgent activities that impact a business. While the benefits of professional development aren’t immediately visible, the long-term impact of developing employees is much greater than many organisations realise and leads to improvements in staff retention and job satisfaction.

A lack of investment in executive development causes problems over the long term as a result of not having the right talent and skills to drive the business forward.

Want to know more about career navigation?

Call Ramsay Todd today to understand more about our professional coaching services and how we can help your executive and leadership team to achieve greater career fulfilment.

FAQs on career navigation coaching

No, it isn’t. Career navigation should be for any individual who aspires to progressing their career. No matter how happy or unhappy they are, it can help staff to plan their career path better.

Quite often employees progress well in the early stages of their career until they reach a peak where they need further development in order to progress further. This is what’s typically known as mid-career frustration and putting together an effective plan for career progression can help re-motivate anyone in this situation.

Yes, we do. We cover the south of England and operate predominantly in London, Hertfordshire and Essex or face-to-face meetings. Online coaching can however be delivered to all parts of the UK. Get in touch with Ramsay Todd to see how we can help you further.

Career navigation is important

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