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Help staff overcome mid-career frustration

Mid-Career Frustration

Manage your mid-career frustration challenges with Ramsay Todd

When it comes to career development, it's not uncommon for rapid progress to be made in the early stages but it can then hit a roadblock in the middle where it's not always clear what the next step is. This leads to frustration, as individuals know they have more to achieve but feel trapped and begin to question what they are doing. Motivation declines and stress levels increase.

Avoiding mid-career frustration 

Getting back on track can be difficult, but at Ramsay Todd our executive coaching helps organisations support their staff so they can regain impetus for their career development.

We work with individuals to understand the level and detail of job frustration they are facing, before encouraging them to see things differently, which leads to successful career navigation.

Career fulfilment is key

Employees who feel happy and fulfilled in their work are more productive and are likely to stay with an organisation. As a career evolves, many staff tend to change their focus on what they want to achieve and, at Ramsay Todd, we understand this. Our career development coaching and support helps staff to gain clarity on what they want to do in the future so that they can end what is often referred to as mid-career frustration.

Career development planning

It's important to address career navigation at the right level. As a business evolves, the type of work and roles in the organisation change, and this can have an impact on an employee's career progression. We therefore begin career development planning with understanding how the individual would like to advance in their career.

We then support them with creating a career navigation plan, identifying what they would like to achieve.

Contact Ramsay Todd today 

If you would like to find out more about our executive coaching and how we help staff to overcome mid-career frustration, please get in touch.

We would be happy to provide you with insights into how we help individuals with their career development, in order to remove any job frustration they might be experiencing. For face-to-face meetings, we serve businesses across the south of England, including London, Hertfordshire and Essex.  Online coaching can also be delivered to all parts of the UK.

FAQs on mid-career frustration

Yes, we do. Whilst we use recognised practices for setting goals and actions, we understand that every individual has different needs and ambitions. To achieve career fulfilment, we therefore work with each person to help them achieve what they want on a one-to-one basis.

Career development is important regardless of what stage an individual is at in their career, however it is particularly valuable when hitting a perceived block. Working through the uncertainty and questions around the career path chosen or the lack of progress being made with an executive coach can be a life enhancing experience. 

By helping advance their career navigation, both the employee and the business benefit considerably. With our executive development support, managers and leaders can use their skills to take the business to the next level.

Avoiding mid-career frustration

Manage your mid-career frustration challenges with Ramsay Todd
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