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Personal Goal Setting

Is your team achieving their full potential and meeting targets?

Supporting staff with personal goal setting has many benefits for employees and organisations and, with our support, you can help staff set goals they can achieve.

Personal development starts with personal goal setting

Setting goals with the help of SMART objectives assists individuals with gaining clarity on what they want to achieve on a personal level. An executive coach encourages individuals to focus on their personal development, identifying the goals required for developing skills to improve their chances of career success.

We then support individuals to remain focused on the actions needed to achieve their goals.

Benefits of personal goal setting

Self-improvement builds confidence as well as other skills that individuals can use throughout their career. By supporting staff with their personal growth, your business will benefit considerably. Using a leadership coach also allows you to ensure appropriate goals are in place for success at the highest level. Leaders who receive leadership coaching are more likely to inspire the entire team.

FAQs on setting personal goals

Yes, setting personal goals does work. Research has proven that individuals focused on personal growth will achieve more and while having goals is important, success levels are even higher when goals are written down as part of a structured process.

Setting goals is just the start. They can’t be achieved without an individual taking the right actions and our executive coaching provides the support and feedback to keep individuals on track. 

Personal goal setting needs to be backed up by accountability and having someone who supports individuals on an ongoing basis. We recommend regular check-ins to see how individuals are progressing throughout their personal development.

Having accountability on an ongoing basis allows any issues to be addressed, whilst also retaining focus on the most important activities. Whilst it is not critical to have ongoing support, it does help to improve results if team members are able to concentrate on their personal development away from distractions and other work-related activities.

We cover the south of England and operate predominantly in London, Hertfordshire and Essex for face-to-face meetings. Online coaching can however be delivered to all parts of the UK. Get in touch with us at Ramsay Todd if you would like to find out more about the personal development coaching we provide.

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