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Physical Wellbeing

Support provided by Ramsay Todd for achieving physical wellbeing goals

At Ramsay Todd, we understand how difficult it can be to remain focused on the goals we set ourselves, particularly when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. Our physical wellbeing is often neglected during times of stress or fatigue and refocusing on its importance can help to regain a sense of proportion and balance.

Avoid executive burnout

Poor physical and mental well-being in the workplace can have a negative impact, resulting in issues such as executive burnout, low morale and productivity, and mental exhaustion.

Supporting workplace well-being with the right approach is important and, if your business doesn’t have a corporate stress management plan, call Ramsay Todd today.

Goals to improve workplace well-being 

Having goals that are consistently worked on is key to achieving success.

At Ramsay Todd, we help individuals to understand how to maintain and stay focused on their physical well-being goals, whether that’s exercise, diet or any other targets related to mental and physical well-being.

Even with the greatest of intentions, it’s easy to become distracted or lose focus on goals and creating new opportunities for individuals to review what’s important to them helps to re-motivate and provides new energy.  Working with an executive coach on a one-to-one basis explores the obstacles to success and allows new strategies to emerge.  

For more information on how Ramsay Todd can help you with corporate stress management and achieving physical well-being get in touch.

FAQs on physical wellbeing

Yes, it can. Individuals who have poor physical or mental well-being may require additional support or time off work, which can seriously impact on their colleagues. This can lead to productivity issues and cause low morale. 

Individuals who set personal wellbeing goals and remain focused on achieving them, are more likely to positively impact the business, as well as their career and personal life.

Executive burnout and mental exhaustion are examples where an individual may need support to improve their physical well-being. We can help by coaching individuals to see the causes, although it's important to note that workplace well-being should also be focused on avoiding issues such as executive burnout, rather than waiting until an individual is experiencing it.

Working in a dynamic and demanding business environment can be challenging, and this can affect overall workplace well-being, as well as the physical and mental well-being of managers who suffer stress as a result. 

Corporate stress management is about managing these issues and coaching provides an opportunity to support individuals and organisations to create meaningful plans. At Ramsay Todd, we provide face-to-face and online executive coaching to assist with corporate stress management.

For mental and physical well-being support, we prefer to offer face-to-face support to help you get the best results. This may not always be possible therefore we also offer online support via video calls for a range of coaching services.

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