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What We Do

Our services are focused in two key areas:

  1. Executive coaching and talent development
  2. Catering consultancy

Executive Coaching

Who do leaders of organisations turn to when they feel the weight of responsibility is hampering their judgement?  Who can support them when they can’t make the progress they and others want/need?

At Ramsay Todd we provide executive coaching to senior leaders who are sufficiently self-aware to recognise the need to step back from the day job and work on themselves.  We provide one-to-one confidential sessions, allowing time and space for reflection, creating an opportunity to challenge the way situations are viewed.

Working with our executive coach, our clients dig deep within themselves in a safe, supportive, empathetic environment to understand the behaviours they exhibit and how it impacts on what they do and who they are.  This has been transformational for some of our clients.

Talent Development 

How do you show future senior leaders in your talent pipeline they are valued and appreciated?  Development programmes and leadership training have been provided so why aren’t you getting the results you expected? 

Although valuable, sheep dip development programmes can leave some talented individuals behind.

If supported however, by one-to-one coaching with a qualified, professional coach, self-belief grows, and progress accelerates.

Working through the perceived obstacles to success with our executive coach provides helpful insights, supporting the self-development necessary to move to the next level.

Our catering consultancy services have been developed and refined over the last 10 years and we now specialise in the following.

Catering Project Management

As PRINCE2 practitioners we take on the role of Project Manager for our clients.  Using PRINCE2 methodology, we develop the brief and deliver the project. Alternatively, we can work within the Project Team providing project assurance or support. We are also happy to provide project support outside of this format, working with teams to understand the objectives and meet target dates.

Strategic Reviews and Concept Development

By conducting extensive reviews of the service and using our knowledge of the marketplace, we make recommendations for service changes and improvements. This information is valuable for executives when planning an organisational strategy or can be used by line managers to develop objectives and goals for their teams.

Catering Management & Feasibility Studies

Building on our service reviews we create forecasts for the likely impact of service developments taking into consideration the set up and implementation costs.

Sensitivity analysis can also be used to determine the risks or benefits if required.

Operational Analysis

Commissioning an operational review provides a snapshot of what customers think about the service, compared with the cost of delivery. As professionals, we have high expectations for service performance therefore we will take a critical but fair perspective of what we have observed and then provide a report of what is good and what needs improvement. We will provide an action plan to support our conclusions and recommendations, which can be used by the managers and the teams involved to improve their service delivery.

Change Management

When a decision has been made to change a service offer, we provide support with implementing the changes. This can include a staff values questionnaire to gauge your team's readiness for change along with surveys for end users to manage expectations.  We work with our clients to devise a strategy and activity schedule to coordinate events so that whatever the change, the transition is successful.

Our Fee Structure

We provide bespoke fee proposals once we fully understand your needs and timescales.  Our fee structure is flexible enough to accommodate session and day rates and we will fix rates for assignments or block bookings.  In the unlikely event that additional charges may be incurred, we will agree these with you in advance. If any of these areas are of interest to you, please contact us here at Ramsay Todd.

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