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Women in Leadership Coaching

Help women to achieve success with women in leadership coaching support from Ramsay Todd.

It has been proven that having more women in leadership roles is beneficial to businesses and the wider economy but developing a strategy to help women take a leading role requires careful thought and planning.

At Ramsay Todd, we offer executive coaching to help women in business to be successful. If you are a female executive or serious about helping women in your organisation to achieve their aspirations, then contact Ramsay Todd today.

Proven professional coaching

Ramsay Todd has experience of coaching executives and leaders to achieve their potential. We all have the ability to shine and just need the right time and conditions to become the people we want to be.

We understand every individual is different with varying aspirations however, when working with a leadership coach from Ramsay Todd, self-belief grows and what seemed impossible can be possible.

Coaching female leaders starts here

For a woman to become a senior leader, tenacity, determination, and hard work is required.  Most women need to prove to themselves they can do the job before pushing forward and even having won the desired promotion, there is imposter syndrome to contend with!

Working with an executive coach who understands the nuanced differences for a female leader, will lead to a reduction in self-doubt and a strong focus on the skills that make them a great leader. 

Gender parity at executive level has never been more important, so contact Wendy Sutherland at Ramsay Todd to see what we offer for women in leadership coaching.

leadership coaching for women by Ramsay Todd

FAQs on coaching women in leadership roles

No, you don’t. We recognise the challenges women are facing in achieving management and leadership positions and our aim is to help anyone who has the potential and the desire to become a leader.

Our coaching is applicable to any woman, whether you’ve already progressed to a leadership role or just taking the first steps.

Yes, we do. We provide face-to-face and online support depending on where you are based. We can also offer a hybrid model optimising time through online meetings when necessary and providing face-to-face meetings when it adds more value to the process.

We offer leadership coaching for female executives across the south of England and operate predominantly in London, Hertfordshire and Essex for face-to-face meetings. Online coaching can however be delivered to all parts of the UK.

For more information about how we deliver women in leadership coaching, get in touch, and have an initial chat with a leadership coach from Ramsay Todd.

Executive coaching

Effective leaders and managers require coaching and development to improve and maintain their skills

Personal Development Coaching

For self-improvement to happen, personal goal setting is key. Allow your team to thrive with ongoing personal development coaching.
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