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The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic NHS Foundation Trust

description of the imageRJAH is a leading centre of excellence for the treatment of musculoskeletal, surgical, medical and rehabilitation services locally, regionally and nationally.  Operating from one site in Oswestry, close to both the borders of Wales and England, RJAH has developed a good reputation for innovation.

As part of the project for building a new main entrance the Trust were considering installing a cafe to greet people as they entered the hospital.   The consultancy services at this stage were therefore to provide a guide to the different levels of service that could be provided in order for designs to be drawn up.

The process taken was to conduct stakeholder meetings with; patient groups, The League of Friends who operated the previous service, Trust staff and the catering team.  This identified the requirements of the future service and enabled three options to be recommended to the client.

description of the imageThe decision was taken to provide a premium brand beverage, cakes and sandwich offer, which would be operated by volunteers from the League of Friends. Consultancy advice was sought for agreeing the design and due to the complex relationships involved; assistance was also requested from both the League of Friends and the Trust to Project Manage the setting up of the cafe.

Support was given with agreeing the equipment, product range and appearance of the cafe along with recommending operational procedures.  Negotiation was required to ensure both organisations were happy with the service that was going to be delivered; being suitable for volunteers to cope with whilst meeting the expectations of the Trust Board.

The cafe successfully opened in May 2012 with consultancy support being available throughout the entire mobilisation.