Ministry of Justice (MoJ)


Ministry of Justice chose Ramsay Todd Catering ConsultantsThe Ministry of Justice undertook a review of its catering services in 2014 at its Headquarters in London, which led to a decision to test the market in the early part of 2015.  A market engagement was held initially, where catering suppliers were invited to share their ideas with the MoJ.  Following this, a full tender process was initiated and Ramsay Todd Ltd was engaged to provide specialist support.

The Scope of the Catering Contract

The catering service is required for the 5,000 staff and visitors at 102 Petty France.  A customer focused proposition was required in order to drive sustainable footfall and therefore increase customer satisfaction.  The supplier needed to provide solutions that were competitive, cost neutral and offender centric and demonstrate how these elements were incorporated into the supply chain.

MoJ were wishing to work with catering suppliers who were “well established with experience of driving innovation, seasonal variety, opportunity and change, to successfully compete with the retail High St”.

The Consultancy Services Provided

Working closely with the Head of Property Asset Management, Estate Directorate and the MoJ CCM Directorate, Ramsay Todd Ltd were engaged to provide technical expertise and guidance for the procurement process.  The specific areas of support delivered were as follows:

  • Development of the catering specification
  • Outline of the tender process; conducted in two phases.  Phase one focused on the soft issues, whereas phase two met the compliance requirements
  • Creation of the Supplier tender questions for both phases, ensuring the objectives of the tender would be met, whilst complying with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Balanced Scorecard for Public Procurement, July 2014
  • Evaluation of Tender Responses for phase one and two
  • Guidance and attendance at the Tenderer site visits and interviews
  • Evaluation summary and recommendations for contract award

Following the tender process the decision was taken to change supplier and the new service commenced on the 24th August 2015.