Why working in hospitality can be a great way to start a career

If you are looking for work or a career change, then working in hospitality is a great way to get started. There are various ways that you can benefit from getting started in this sector and there are plenty of opportunities as many businesses are currently actively recruiting.


Promotional opportunities

How to get promoted

Restaurants and hotels aren’t just looking for part-time staff or waiters and waitresses, they are looking to recruit at various management levels including restaurant managers and area managers.

If you don’t have the right qualifications or expertise, then don’t let that hold you back. Your chances of advancing in your career can be enhanced with experience.

The chances of promotion are increased by gaining experience in customer interfacing roles where you can understand the business and the processes.

As many as 80% of businesses recruit for management roles by promoting within the business as they know and understand a candidate better if they have worked within the business.

Even if you don’t climb the career ladder within the same company, getting started in hospitality allows you to gain experience for career progression elsewhere.

Kat Cole's Career Success

If you are looking for inspiration, Kat Cole started her career as a waitress and with grit, determination, and a lot of passion, she went on to become the CEO of Cinnabon, a multi-million-pound restaurant chain.

And how long did it take? She reached the position of vice-president at the age of 26 and took on the role of CEO while in her 30s!

Transferable skills

Transferable skills are skills which you can develop that are useful in other jobs or careers and working in hospitality is a great way to develop essential transferrable skills such as effective communication, problem solving and empathy.

Many hospitality roles involve working within teams effectively and communicating with customers to ensure that they get the service they expect. Skills that are acquired in hospitality can form a great foundation for whatever you decide to do as your career progresses.

Non-business advantages

As well as developing skills for using in your career, working in hospitality has some interesting and unique personal benefits as well.

Working in hospitality can be demanding, but highly rewarding. While many people in office jobs often grumble that they don’t get enough exercise and can’t talk or interact with people as much as they like, hospitality roles are different.

Interacting with team members and customers, while getting physical exercise in your job throughout the day is hugely beneficial to well-being. Added to this, working with a great team often leads to making new friends that you interact with outside of work hours.

Ready for a new and exciting role?

If you are looking for a new job, then consider a role in hospitality. It’s easy to dismiss a career path without having tried it, and even if it’s not for you in the long term, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try. You might discover you enjoy it more than you thought!

*You can find out about Kat’s career progression