What the hospitality sector can do to make employment more attractive

This is part 3 of a 3 part series supporting employment in the hospitality sector.  Make sure to check out our previous articles Hospitality - The start of a great career and Hospitality Is Good For You.

There have been tough times recently sounds like a bit of an understatement. Hospitality businesses have had to adapt to Brexit, survive the pandemic and attract customers back, in order to thrive and grow.

As well as attracting customers, hiring staff has been another challenge which, in many cases, has impacted how well customer service can be delivered. After all, without properly trained and motivated staff, how can you provide the highest quality of customer service?

In this article, we discuss ways that the hospitality sector can make employment more attractive.


Now that restrictions have been removed, many people are no longer wearing face masks in public. Restrictions might be easing but concerns still remain. Hospitality businesses need to ensure the highest safety standards for staff (as well as customers) so that they can feel comfortable and safe within the working environment.

… and enjoyment

Words such as safety and strict measures, while a necessary part of language in hospitality, don’t sound fun. It’s important to strike a balance that says your workplace is serious about safety and customer service, but is fun and enjoyable to work in.

A workplace that’s inclusive and that cultivates a positive culture allows employees to feel like they are part of the team. The happier staff members are, the more likely they are to work for you - and they are more likely to stick around longer.

Create extra benefits

Research consistently shows that employees aren’t solely driven by money. Happiness in the workplace and other benefits play their part. At Ramsay Todd, we are a firm believer in making sure that staff get the training and development they need.

This helps staff with career progression while businesses benefit from having staff that are able to perform their duties to a higher standard.

Providing training is one of several ways to add value to an employment position to make it more attractive and to retain staff.

Other benefits can include offering social activities, discounts, or changes to the way that tips are paid. With the arrival of the pandemic, customers have been tipping less as the sector has moved away from cash to prefer to receive payment by card and through apps.

Communicate the benefits

There are lots of reasons to work in the hospitality sector, but those great reasons aren’t always clear and aren’t communicated as well as they could be. If you are looking to recruit staff then you need to make sure you highlight the many great reasons why working in hospitality is so great (for ideas, read our previous articles). [we’ll link to previous articles]

When we combine great reasons to work in hospitality with good communication, we create a great message for anyone looking for work.

What else can you do?

We are sure you have further ideas on how to make working in hospitality more attractive, and we are always open to suggestions and new ideas. Why not share your ideas with us?

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