The demand for coaching to support mental well-being in a workplace environment has grown in recent years as businesses recognise the benefits of providing support and coaching to employees. This is in addition to dealing with corporate stress management.

So, what are the main reasons, or benefits of wellbeing coaching that has made it so important for businesses?

There’s no one size fits all answer as it depends on the individual and the business and there are many reasons to consider, which we will discuss later.

Who benefits from better mental well-being coaching?

Mental well-being coaching of employees might sound like it benefits the individual, rather than the employer, however this is a myth. The truth is both the individual and the business benefit through higher levels of engagement, reduction in sick leave, and an increase in productivity

Mental well-being coaching equips individuals with the skills and the ability to handle the stresses of the modern workplace. A common issue among leadership is executive burnout which results in low morale and poor decision-making from managers and executives who are too stressed or feel too tired to think properly.

By supporting executives and leaders by providing a qualified coach to work with them, a business benefits from improvements in performance leading to better results. They also profit from other effects such as lower staff turnover and enhanced team and management communication as a result of having happier, more confident team members.

Providing support because it’s the right thing to do…

It’s clear that there are benefits to a business providing mental well-being coaching, but it’s important to remember the rewards to the individual. Having one on one coaching to address issues such as anxiety and other mental illnesses leads to a better quality of life.

The days of ignoring mental health are gone, and we all, as part of modern society, have a role to play in helping others to deal with mental health issues. Help can come by building resilience to overcome challenges or learning how to prevent mental health issues from happening in the first place for both them and others

Not everyone is aware they have executive burnout, depression, or anxiety until it becomes serious. Mental well-being coaching can help them before the problem gets worse.

What are you doing to manage mental health in your business?

Managing mental health should be part of a wider policy on corporate stress management.

There are many ways to address mental well-being but, at Ramsay Todd, we recognise how coaching on an individual basis is the best way to tackle the issues head-on.

Issues such as managing friction in a team, feeling overwhelmed with a heavy workload and executive burnout are all issues that require individual support from a qualified and experienced coach.

If you would like to know more about mental well-being coaching and its benefits, make sure to get in touch or read more on workplace  and physical well-being.