In a modern civilised society, we’re becoming better at helping others. For example: our increasing awareness of mental health issues, a growing number of roles in support-related areas and the number of charities as well as people making donations has grown considerably over the last 20 years.

And let us not forget, , how we come together during times such as COVID or natural disasters, providing much needed support at critical moments.

Looking after and helping others is great to see and experience, but it’s also important that, as individuals, we don’t neglect ourselves and our own physical and mental well-being.

Looking after ourselves and protecting our mental health and physical well-being can actually help us to support others better.

A Team Leader who is suffering with executive burnout, for example, is most likely to be ineffective when caring for the needs of the team - no matter how much they think they are making a difference or how hard they try.

Executive burnout can lead to poor decision-making, ineffective communication, and a lack of real empathy for other people, all leading to issues for team members, families, friends and acquaintances.

Can executive coaches help?

Having a professional coach is a great way to avoid issues such as executive burnout or declining mental well-being.

An executive coach can, for example, help a leader to come to terms with the current situation, and to put together a plan for looking after themselves.

Professional coaching is proven to improve the way individuals look after themselves, whether that’s their health, mental well-being or their career (or all 3).

With the support of a professional executive coach, managers can express their concerns openly and use the executive coach as someone to gain deeper insights about themselves and formulate ways to improve the situation.

Professional leadership coaching

Effective leadership coaching requires a trained professional who is able to ask illuminating questions and provide support in a way that helps the coachee to find their own answers to the problems they face.

At the heart of executive coaching, is the belief that coaches are more likely to act and implement change if  ideas come from them , rather than being told by a professional coach what they should or shouldn’t do.  We move away from “should” towards “could” and then “will”.

A professional coach understands this and challenges their coaches in order for them to develop solutions that are right for them and move them past the obstacles and blocks that sometimes prevent us from making progress.

In most circumstances, it only takes a short period of time for an individual to see things differently and start to implement real changes in their lives. This then allows them to see how they can support and help others.

Need help with leadership coaching? 

At Ramsay Todd, we provide professional executive coaching and leadership coaching so individuals can look after themselves, and as a result, are better able to help others.

If you have team members that are suffering from poor mental well-being or executive burnout, then get in touch with Ramsay Todd today.

For the best results, our face-to-face support can ensure your leadership team gets the support they need. We can also provide support remotely over video calls, so the choice is yours. However, we deliver our services, we love to help.